Friday, May 14, 2010

Block #8 done!

So far this is my favorite block in this quilt, and it's one that Lisa DeBee Schiller did for a quilt magazine several years ago. It's not actually a part of the Les Fleurs quilt at all. That seems to be how I roll around here. Let me just mention that these leaf/stems, each done in one continuous piece, are definitely trickier than stems that have leaves appliqued separately! I find that good old thread basting helps me tremendously, to keep them from distorting. She does a lot of additional embellishment on her blocks with permanent ink markers, but I am not at all confident that I wouldn't totally ruin my block if I tried to emulate her.


I am afraid I've been on a bit of a binge, fabric wise. After avoiding all these happy, contemporary prints, for a good while now, and not knowing what I might make with them, I've given up with a only a whimper, and a wailing wallet. Here is the first influx:

Tell me those aren't cheerful enough to make your face hurt! I want to do something with a relatively traditional pattern, maybe Dresden Plate, or wedge circles, but use this sort of color scheme to make something very least from my normal fare. I must say they make me smile, and that feels like a positive thing. I have some Momo Freebird, and some Sanae Oz, on order, too. Check here, and here for some really great prices this weekend, particularly on Moda contemporary lines.

Many thanks to my blog friends Mayleen, Corliss, and Bonnie (no blog), who let me know that two of my quilts have been published in magazines! I had no idea, and I'm grateful to them for the "heads-up"). Now I just need to attempt to locate back issues of the magazines to take a peek. Apparently, Texas Hay Rake is in recent issues of both Quilt Mania, and Austalian Patchwork and Applique. and Houston County Elegance was in an issue from back in Spring of 2008. I think you all know how you'd feel to make into these publications, and all I can say is, if you see a quilt by someone you know, in a magazine, don't assume that the quilt maker knows about it. Let her hear from you. I know I will always do so from now on. Bonnie is an even bigger thrill, because she was inspired by Houston County Elegance to make her own interpretation. She couldn't locate me until she recently found me on an Autralian blog!!! How strange is that? She lives in Canada, I'm in Texas, and she found me through an Aussie blog. Just cool, is what I think. If she gives me permission, I will publish her version on this blog at a future date.

Is anyone interested in making clamshells with the English Paper Piecing method? I am, even though I'm intimidated by the process. If you are interested in a sew along, rather like the hexagon One Flower Wednesday girls, and the klosje girls, let me know. A couple of bloggers are doing them and there are super instructions to be found here.

Have a super weekend, and enjoy your stitching. Michele
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  1. Hi Michele. I am astounded that they have published your quilts without your knowledge. I always thought that was a big No No!

    I would love to have a go at the clamshells and like you, are fairly intimidated by it. So, count me in and maybe we can all work it out together.

  2. The photo in Australian Quilting & Patchwork is of Michele standing next to part of her quilt.

  3. Hi Michele,
    Gorgeous block.

    The clamshells look very difficult. Beyond my
    limited piecing.

    Congrats on the pics in the magazines but it
    would have been nice if they had let you know.

  4. Hi Michele, What an amazing block you have made... and the stem/leave/vine being one piece made my tummy turn! You are amazing! Tell me which Quilmania? And I am so surprised you didn't know... Love the fabrics and I can't wait to see what they become under your magic touch. :)
    I have joined Jossie for the Clamshells! Oh, I would love to do this together with you... :)

  5. Your block is really beautiful! I love the idea of the clamshells...and I just can't take on another project right now. I even have the templates all ready for clamshell...sigh...someday.

  6. Very pretty block, so detailed! Can you email me privately about how one submits a quilt to a magazine,etc? I'd like to give it a go and do not have the first clue. Someone DID say that you shouldn't "show" your quilt in any stage before the submission? Thanks in advance. Yes, I've been resisting these "hip" modern fabrics also. I can't wait to see what you do! I DID buy the Sandi Henderson group when it first came out!~How could I resist?!?! :) I have not done anything with it, so I'm sure you will inspire me. XO


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