Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My first blog exchange.........

My first blog exchange has been completed, and it was really a delight. Kim wanted an applique block, and I wanted a pair (my first) of hand knit socks, so we decided it would be an adventure to swap. Never mind that we became nervous wrecks worrying about whether our item would please the recipient......turns out we are both worry warts.........we went ahead with it.

This is the block I made for Kim. I was going for a watercolor effect, not so much contrast as a very soft look. Praying she would find a place for it in her home, I sent it off. Imagine how thrilled I was when she sent me these two photos of the pillow-to-be in her two favorite knitting chairs:

Now, Kim lives in Indiana, and I've never been to her home, but I am very pleased with the way my block works with her decor. More importantly, she seems to love it, and what more could I hope for?  As to the socks.............feast your peepers on these babies! Are they not gorgeous? They are unbelievably soft, and I would never have known that they are 100% merino wool, if she hadn't included a darling card to let me know how to care for them. They are my official "bed socks" for those nights when I have ice cold tootsies. I love them! Thanks again, Kim. Let's do it again sometime, okay?

I finally got my prizes in the mail. Sorry for the delay, winners, it just seemed crazy around here, and time got away from me. My husband went off to be a camp counselor, which he has done for the last six years. Our grandson, Coleman, was born with Spina Bifida, and every year the same week in June is for children from 8-14 who have Spina Bifida. It is Camp Jean Marc, and it's a marvelous place for these kids. Some of them have never had an opportunity to be around another child with the same disability, and it's a real mind blower for them. For one week  they are not "different" from all the kids around them. Phil always comes home exhausted, and moved beyond measure. Plus, he lost 8 lbs! Hey, I know what you're thinking.........I need to go to camp, too. Being serious, I wish I felt I was physically strong enough to handle it, but I simply can not do the lifting that is needed. If any of you know a child with this disability, please consider letting their parents know about Camp Jean Marc. There are scholarships for children whose families can't afford the fee, and it is certainly worth the effort for them to inquire. Coleman will be 14 next summer, and it will be his last year to attend. I know he will miss it.

If anyone reading this post hasn't been to visit  Sandra's blog, for goodness sake GO NOW. She takes the most amazing photos of her island home, and the wildlife pictures alone are a miracle. She also quilts, and cooks, and I love to read her every post.

I will have updated photos of my current projects next time, but I am a bit stuck on the "yellow" quilt at the moment. Longing to move to the next new project, but needing to finish this one first. I'm guessing you've been there, done that. See you soon, Michele


  1. I'm just reading along... so in disbelief at how PERFECT your applique block was and LOVING your socks!~then find you talking about ME! Lol
    Thank you so much Michele. It means so much to me that you'd think enough of my blog to mention me.YOu are too kind! Also, thank you for your contest. I'm so excited to have WON something !!!! WOW! I'm about to have a giveaway also.
    Take care my friend. :)

  2. I had to go back and look at your block again!!! It's gorgeous!!!! Great work! I too have much anxst in making for other folks. I think God puts it in our hearts and works through our hands. You've inspired me to stop worrying so much and "just do it". :)

  3. Michele- every person that see your your gorgeous quilt block (which is just about everyone because I love showing it off!)absolutely marvels and practically drools (except that they respect the stitching too much to actaully drool on it) over the exquisite stitches and the beauty of the block! Thank you again, and yes we will do it again!!!

  4. Love the socks and the gorgeous applique block
    Lovely for you both that the swap worked so well
    Great thing that your husband does with the children and wonderful for the kids as well

  5. What a gorgeous quilt you sent! I know she just loves it...aren't hand knit socks absolutely wonderful?

  6. Michele, your block looks fantastic. The border fabric is perfect for it! Those socks are pretty cute too and I'm sure you wont have cold feet again. Well done to hubby for giving up his time for such a worthy cause.

  7. beautiful block and the socks are knockout!

  8. Wanted to skip back over and let you know I'm having a GIVEAWAY!!! IF anyone is interested! :)

  9. What a great idea! The block that you made is absolutely gorgeous! I am also so lucky to have won fat quarters--fabric my favorite! The socks are fantastic too--what fun! This is all very special....


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