Monday, June 28, 2010

A walk to my mailbox...............a virtual visit

Good morning blogfriends. It's 10:21 AM, and on my covered porch, in the shade, the thermometer reads 92 degrees. This in no way prepares you for the reality of the heat because you really must factor in the humidity, which is FIERCE. In other words, it is hot. Real hot. However, the mail still comes, thank goodness, and somebody has to make the trek to pick it up. Valentina reccommended that I take some outside shots, so this occasion seemed a good way to kill two birds. Barb, please avert your eyes, we've all seen your magnificent garden, and this is just embarrassing.

This is the Crepe Myrtle in the old farmhouse's front yard, as we walk towards the road.

At the end of our "driveway", looking to the right you can just see where the dirt road runs into the paved two lane highway.
Standing at the mailbox, looking left, towards all the other properties up the road that can't be seen, or heard, for that matter.

Here, I've turned and started back to our home. The old farmhouse is on the left, and that is where my husband offices when he's not traveling. It was built by his stepgrandfather for his grandmother back in the '50s.

Looking to our right. They used this for cattle, but we don't have cows. We do lease the back 95 acres to a neighbor for his, though, we just didn't want 'em up next to the house.

Some Cannas, the only spot of bright color we have at the moment.

Our beautiful, old Black Walnut tree.

Inside the fenced portion of our yard. On the right Phil's Dad's old woodworking shop. It currently houses our hugely overflowing pile of books. And, on the left, home of the riding lawnmower, and a half ton of "stuff" we wish someone would come and haul away! Volunteer, anyone???? Come on, Elaine, there's gotta be something you could use...............maybe to build a goat condo, whadayathink?

My favorite tree, in back, and a poor dead Redbud, on the right. We need to cut it down before it falls on our house.

Mabel Jane Barnes

Poppy, AKA "The Timekeeper", who always lets me know when it is Pupperoni time........4:00 PM if you're wondering.

Lastly, progress to date on the yellow quilt:

I reckon that'll be all I bore you with this trip. If you ever feel like dropping in, I would purely love it. Just plan your visit for the Spring, or Fall,  to avoid the awful heat.
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  1. You sound like me! I tell folks to only come see me Jan-May! lol but it's TRUE! same weather here, w/98% humidity. :(
    So glad you took the photos. I get so homesick (in a wonderful way) when I see your land. Reminds me of my granny's (Mabel!) in Louisiana, not far from you. Too bad about having to cut down the tree. oh no!~hate the thought of loosing the shade. What a lovely home you have. The red dirt road also tugs at my heartstrings. :)
    We have some of the same blood running through our veins I believe ! :) XO
    OH, and your quilt is amazing!

  2. Looks lovely! and I like your yellow quilt.

  3. The yellow quilt is a stunner- and I am sure far more beautiful in "real life." I am envious of the wide open countryside that surrounds you. But NOT the humidity- we have too much of that here, too!

  4. Its hard to believe it is so hot there
    COLD here in Aus
    Pity we couldnt just have the in between
    Loved the trip to the mailbox

  5. omg, and I am excited...and in my truck to your house now! You funny girl. The heat is kicking our freeloading neighbors cat too. She can barely show up for cat food at my back door. I have been watering my tomatoes, peppers and green beans...but they are wilted all to heck anyway. I think we had some clouds today, but it may be a misfire from Heaven. Yep, it's summer in to you, Elaine

    Are you teasing me about free used upcycled wood for an animal condo? You could get a lemon sour cream pie for it, lol!

  6. The southern states don't have a lock on humidity and heat! Come up to Kansas sometime. Spring and fall, my favorite seasons because spring has color, rain and moderate to cool temps. Fall because there's color, rain and moderate to cool temps plus the added benefit of fewer bugs (mosquitos)!

  7. What a glorious property you live on. Thanks for the photos. And your yellow quilt is stunning.

  8. My friend Jan T. led me to your blog. It's been a while since I visited and I'm surely glad I stopped by today. Love the trip to the mailbox. The cannas and the black walnut tree bring back memories for me. Thanks for sharing them. I live in rural TX also. About 75 miles SE of Dallas. Our land is really over grown at the moment and not photo worthy until it's cut, but maybe I'll borrow your idea when it's cut. ;)

  9. You live in a beautiful place! I loved seeing the photos.
    And your quilt is absolutely gorgeous.

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