Monday, July 26, 2010

Oy, what a day I'm having.......................

Could you lovely readers just pretend that these pictures are actually showing in the previous post? You could? Oh, goody, because I seem to have had a brain malfunction, and have forgotten how to move my photo's from Picasa, to my Documents. Hubby isn't available for consultation, so I appeal to the kind, understanding natures that I know you all possess, and throw myself on your mercy.

Above is the panel from Den Haan, which has the nerve to photograph pretty darn colorful.

Here is the Quilts Down Under magazine with Chris Jurd's beautiful Mariner's Compass in it.

And here is what I have accomplished in the last three days. This is a very large center (almost 40") and I want to turn it on point as she has done here. Then the setting triangles will consist of clamshells, finished with a clamshell border. Some other applique motif may find it's way into the design somewhere, but at this point that is unclear.

I really appreciate you all bearing with me while I learn how to blog all over again..........some of us just take longer.  Happy sewing, Michele
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  1. I am nearly at a loss for words, Michele. I can't wait to see the mariners compass with the clamshells. I was in a quilt store last week and just got overwhelmed by all that fabric and the endless possibilities. You are not only a gifted quilter but an artist with your fabric choices!

  2. The Mariners Compass quilt is going to be gorgeous! Wish I were ready to try something like that and have it look good. I am so impressed with your work!

  3. I'm loving the Mariners Compass Michele, I'm not good on points at all so I'm very impressed with yours.

  4. Your mariner's compass looks great and I am dying to see what you do with the borders on it - am loving the sound of clamshells!

  5. Can't wait to see the results. You are right,
    the panel did photograph well.

  6. Your compass is looking great. I look forward to seeing the process and the finished quilt. Have fun!

  7. Oh Michele! I am so excited your panel arrived! I am sorry though, that you are dissapointed. These Den Haan panels are block printed like in the 17-18th century and definitely have a faded look about them. (that's why so $$$) I am sure you will find the perfect project for it, clams just wasn't it! :)
    ...because, THAT MARINER"S COMPASS was MEANT to be your center medallion! OMG!! I can't wait... you are BRILLIANT!

  8. The dutch print is stunning. I know they had a limited colour range 300 years ago. Yet, the flowers and vines are just incredible. I love this piece.

  9. your circle looks wonderful! I love the scrappy colors - Can't wait to see this progress!

  10. That is just a huge mariner's compass! Gorgeous...I attempted one, and ended up with a bowl shape...back to drawing board!

  11. Hi Michele, the Mariners Compass is going to be gorgeous...I love the mix of colours and can't wait to see it when the clamshells go on.
    I'm sorry you are a bit dissapointed with the panel, I hope you grow to love it. I cut mine up and used it as broderie perse blocks for the Sarah Morrell Quilt (I see you follow the SSS blog) and I'm really happy with it. I don't usually put my blog address on other bloggers comments because I think it's a bit pushy (this is the first time i've done it and I'm not even sure if i'm commiting some cardinal sin, I sincerely apologise if I am) but if you want to have a look at the panel cut up and maybe see it in a different light my blog is
    I'm going to check back to see how the Mariners Compass progresses,
    Ciao for now, Margaret

  12. Your circle looks awesome! I love paper piecing, and this on is so pretty!

  13. Wow, very nice.
    Btw, go to Picasa, find your photo, click to view just it. Right click and select "copy the location" (something like that), then go back to blog, "insert picture" and instead of looking for a picture, paste the location from your clipboard into the "link" space. It will appear, and when you say OK, it is in your blog! Hope that helps.

  14. Not a big fan of paper piecing either but you did a great job on your compass so far.

  15. Michele, I can't wait to see what you do with your Den Haan & Wagenmacher panel! I used to carry their fabrics when I had my shop in Washington state. I see that you bought English Paper Pieces to use with it ... I'll be watching you too :)


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