Sunday, July 18, 2010

What happened to July?

Hello friends. Geez, I just looked up to see what was going on around me, and discovered I lost a month! My life seems to be stuck on fast forward, with no pause button in sight. Our two eldest grandkids just left, after spending a week with us. They are 13, and 15, and seem to need the computer in order to breathe properly, so I let them have it. Coleman, via YouTube, has "discovered" Monty Python, and can practically do the routines from memory. On Friday, Kayla and I, braved the heat to go and have Spa Pedicures, lunch, and do a little gratuitous shopping, so that was fun. Their schedules are so very full, that it is a rare treat these days to have them for a visit.

Dear Valentina sent me a box of Dutch goodies from the Netherlands while she was there visiting her sister, and family. There were two beautiful tea towels, made of cotton, with a clever loop in one corner for hanging. I just love them, and you can never have too many tea towels. I sure don't have any others as pretty as these.

There were also a package of napkins, an adorable little address book, a fragrant bar of lavender soap, and photos of the points of interest in Groningen, which is where her sister lives. Thank you so much for thinking of me, dear friend. I am enjoying all of it so much.


I rarely win anything in drawings, but I got lucky!! Lisa had a drawing for two potholders of your choice, and I won these two happy churndash potholders. Aren't they cute!! What I do to potholders ain't pretty, folks, they lead a rough and tumble life here at our house, but they will lead useful lives. I thought about showing you my current, dilapidated, stained, burned bunch of pot grabbers, but decided it would depress you all too much. Trust me on this................I needed pot holders!

You know what just happened? I just lost the rest of my photos, and can't find them. Arghhhhhhh. I will just wind this up and post again very soon. I don't have the heart to do over right now. I have the yellow "thing" put together, lacking only finishing the butterfly, and adding pieced borders............but the truth is, I don't want to even look at it right now. I have been waiting for a chintz panel from Amsterdam, to use for the center of my clamshell quilt, and it seemingly will never get here. It mailed on June 23rd, they say, and I fear it's been lost somewhere. It would be not only an expensive loss, but a true disappointment for me, if it doesn't show up. I'm making scrappy clamshells, in a fairly wide range of reproduction fabrics, but won't know for certain if they will look well until the panel either arrives, or I plan a different center. So, please cross your fingers that it will come next week, won't you? It can't hurt, and the quilt fairy might just smile on me. After all, I have prepped 352 clamshells just on "spec"..............some of them will work, won't they?  Michele


  1. Valentina is so sweet to so many, isn't she?!!? What gorgeous presents she sent you! Don't worry about your pkg, you'll get it. It just takes a long time... I was a little worried about you. So glad to hear that you have been having fun with your grandchildren. Thank you again for my prize! and the extra goodies you included! I posted about them... HUGS! XO

  2. Love those pot holders Michele, I use tea towels and then have to soak them to get them clean. I don't think I could bring myself to use those gorgeous things. Know what you mean about grandchildren and the computer, luckily mine bring their own!!

  3. Those tea towels are gorgeous and what a wonderful bunch of goodies from a very special lady. Love your potholders, I would be too scared to use them in case I damaged them.

  4. I am so thrilled you liked the goodies, especially after all the goodies you sent me!!! I hope you use the tea-towels: enjoy them! and then I'll send you more, ok?
    I am so happy you had fun with your grandkids and hope your summer will continue being wonderful. Michele, I will keep my fingers crossed for your special panel... Have you tried contacting the store? maybe they have a record of how exactly they sent it, maybe there is a way of tracking your package?
    keeping my fingers crossed, ( well, except when I get a rare chance to stitch!)

  5. I love the pot cute!

  6. Pretty potholders...and I have no idea where July has gotten to!! Wow, that is a lot of clamshells!

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