Friday, August 27, 2010

Clamshell Report etc., etc.

Hi everyone,  This is today's second attempt to blog. The God of Google isn't making it easy today. In fact, my Internet has been down all week. All week. I missed the quarterly 20% off sale at Z & S Fabrics. I'm thinking about suing my server for cruel and unusual punishment. Aren't you addicted to the whole blog "thing". It's so odd to realize that a year ago I was completely clueless. I had no idea of the inspiration, or the friendships, or even the talent, that was just out there waiting for me to see, and experience. For now, she said pessimistically, it's working, so I'm giving my clamshell report a few days early..............just in case. Here it is. 484 Clamshells.  Not only do I need only 16 more (I think) but I have finished my center block.

First, I want to show you my finished Roseville Album block. It's almost the same, but I thought you might like to see it with the dots/berries added. Block two is very nearly completed, as well. However, I got distracted...........

I fear you must all think I have the attention span of a gnat, because I change my mind so often. I decided that the Mariner's Compass was too large for the use I had in mind, and so I have sidelined it for now. Instead, I made a 23" Feathered Star for my Clamshell center. Turned on point, it measures 32", and that seems just about the right size.

It's a bit more reserved in color, but I am pleased with how it turned out. It was  more challenging than the other Feathered Star designs that I've made previously, and it isn't perfect, but I like it. Now I will add a couple of borders, and possibly applique something in the setting squares. They are 7" and could easily handle a broiderie perse flower, or maybe just a little bird. Any thoughts? At that point, it will be time to start my clamshell wrangling. I will be doing the four setting triangles with clamshells, and I have been pondering the best way to avoid any stretching, and distortion, on the long bias edge. I think I will probably baste a strip of straight grain fabric to the bias edge, which should help. I have a piece of white-ish 108" backing that I bought but really don't like, and that's what I plan to use to sew my shells to.

That's what has been going on Chez Barnes. I also finished my exchange for Lizzie, but naturally I can't show it, or it might easily spoil her surprise. It must travel to Australia, so it will be at least 10 days till she will receive it. Hope you like it Lizzie!

Since my Internet was down, I am behind on sending emails to those of you who asked questions, or left comments. So sorry, all, I'm trying to catch up.  Happy stitching, Michele


  1. That Roseville album block- WOW. I am really curious about how the clamshells and squares will all come together... it is like a cliffhanger, watching all this. And now another- I am wondering what will become of the mariner's compass block!

  2. the block looks wonderful, I still haven't put the circles on
    can't wait to see what you send Lizzie!

  3. Your fabric choices do justice to the Roseville quilt block.
    The Feathered Star is very well done. It is not an easy block to get it to come together nicely.

  4. Just love your Rosevilly Block. They all look so different and wonderful to see.
    Keep having fun

  5. I agree with you that blogging has become a part of my life I certainly wouldn't miss. Daily inspiration, communication, asking others' opinion... what would I do without it?

  6. Your Roseville block looks fantastic with the circles. I just love the feathered star, I'll be waiting to see what happens with it.

  7. More beautiful blocks! The feather star and clamshells will be gorgeous, can't wait to see it.

  8. Your block and applique' is lovely. The feathered star is wonderful too.
    I look forward to seeing your clamshells!


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