Monday, August 16, 2010

Thank goodness for USPS................

They get a bad rap, sometimes, but I love our mail lady! Actually,  we have a regular mail lady, and an alternate mail lady, and I love 'em both. I have had a bad case of the SuperBlahs. Nothing has gone right in the sewing room. I feel like I've just been treading water this month. I started making Kim McLean's Roseville Album, using Kaffe fabrics, and it has been a struggle. I am starting to have fun, but working with these fabrics has been a challenge, as they are so different from my usual choices. There is a learning curve for me. So, although I made the long, hot, trek twice this morning, it cheered me up to receive the following mail.  First, from Karen, I received the interesting selvages shown below. I won them on her blog, and since I had just purchased her book, I was really excited. Thanks a lot, Karen, I'll enjoy putting these in my selvage project!

Also, though I think mayhap I have lost my mind, I ordered the itty bitty diamonds, and hexies, shown below, for my anticipated Den Haan Panel quilt. Don't ask, because I really haven't decided on a design, yet, but since I purchased the expensive panel, I had to put on my thinking cap and come up with a suitable design.


I found the new line of Windham fabrics, Washington's Legacy, at Whittle's and took a chance that the subdued colors would look good with the panel. What do you think?  I'm very, very, pleased, and I feel excited about working up a plan, now that the fabrics don't overshadow the panel.

Here are the first two Roseville Album blocks. The first lacks 36 "berries", or circles, that I will add a little later.

I love the birds...............those have been the most fun to fussy cut, and fortunately there are quite a few more in the rest of the quilt.

You would NOT believe how many pieces were cut out, and auditioned, for each one that actually made it into the block. The pile is getting so large, that I am going to put the rejects in a box, just for the purpose, so that I can use them later for circles, or bird bodies, or anything that will fit. Otherwise, the waste would just hurt too much! I have approximately 150 different pieces of Kaffe fabrics, with another 28 ordered, and yet there are still times when I just can't find the "right" piece to please myself. I couple of other ladies doing similar projects, have mentioned how "fussy cutting" destroys any pretensions to keeping your stash neat, and tidy................................Boy, does it!!!!! After an hour, or so, it looks like a bomb went off in there.

I've noticed a real slowdown in posting this month. I guess the weather, and kids going back to school, has affected a lot of us. I hope your sewing projects are going well, and the heat isn't oppressing you too much.

I'll close with a picture of four year old Jack, assembling his giant USA floor puzzle. We gave it to him last Christmas, and he will know all his states, and maybe capitols, before first grade. (I still don't know them all!)

Happy stitching, Michele

PS:  If you are looking for an unputdownable, thrilling read, you can't do better than The Passage by Justin Cronin. Really fabulous.
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  1. Your Mariner's Compass is beautiful! What fun you will have with the paper piecing!!! How cute your grandon is! I loved those types of puzzles when I was a child!

  2. I am ALWAYS looking for an unputdownable thrilling read- so I'll go check this one out. And I am not sure I believe the "nothing is going right in the sewing room" stuff. Things look pretty right to me!

  3. Your RA blocks are looking quite wonderful, Michele! I like your use of color, fabric and fussy cuts. ; ) REALLY nice job.

  4. your blocks are looking great! oh I know what you mean about finding the right fabric do we ever have enough???
    yes I am keeping my rejects in a box too and have used them for leaves and circles
    the rest I am considering appliqueing to the back of the quilt just as a reminder how I labored over every fabric choice on this quilt!
    hope to get back to it next week!

  5. There is nothing like a surprise package in the mail to brighten up ones day...
    Your applique is beautiful! Love the colours!!!

  6. Hi
    I've had the superblahs (great term!) this summer, I keep blaming the weather....
    What a nice package from Karen, she is such a generous person. Looking forward to seeing your selvage project. I really should dig mine out again!
    Your new fabrics are gorgeous!
    I love your applique' blocks. I wonder if you'll be happier as you get more and more done. When it's a busy quilt design, it often takes many blocks for it to look cohesive.
    Your little boy is sooo cute! I remember those days of having a buddy in my sewing room :)

  7. HI Michelle, Love all your goodies you received in the mail and can you please tell me where you ordered the Den Haan panel from? I think I have to have it in my stash for a future quilt centre.

  8. Can't wait to see more of your Roseville Album blocks. Love the Windham fabrics. Thanks for the book tip, I'll look this one up.

  9. have you seen the quilt made from that panel on If you go to the blog and put burnt quilt in the search you will see several pictures of it. It might give you an idea for how to use your panel.

  10. Those fabrics go fantastically with your panel, excellent choices. Your projects just blow me away. They are so intricate and time-consuming and turn out completly beautiful. You are really an inspiration and I look forward to your postings!

  11. I'm looking forward to seeing what you're planning for the panel, the fabrics with it look great. Congratulations on your win and also for the Roseville blocks, they are looking sensational. Cute young man you have there!


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