Tuesday, October 26, 2010

As I was saying.........................

You know what? Blogger seems to be doing peculiar things. I don't know if it's their idea of Trick or Treat, but I wish they wouldn't! Course, it's my fault that I only understand how to do things on Blogger one way. If something goes wrong, I'm just stymied. Anyway, in the previous post, which was "interrupted", I showed yesterday AM's medallion. Above is how it looked by the end of sewing yesterday afternoon.

Below shows today's additional stems, with the new leaves just pinned on for purpose of auditioning the fabric choices.

I'll tell you it took all the discipline I was capable of to hold off adding any flowers until the basics were chosen, and stitched. These leaf fabrics have a lot of colors in them, aside from the obvious green, and I was afraid that I might regret some flower color placements if I didn't do my groundwork first (no pun intended).

I've been so "into" this project, that I have been sewing from approximately 10:30 AM till 4 PM each day! This is a lot for me, and my wrists are pretty noodle-y, so I've been sleeping in my braces each night.

Just a little over a week until Festival! I wish more of you were coming, because I'd really like to meet you. Hope you are getting a lot of sewing done. Michele
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  1. Your work is breath taking!!!!
    I really love the fabrics you have chosen for the leaves! Inspiring!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! If this is the medallion -- what will the rest of it look like!?! And what a work ethic! (Take my breath, nothing...I'm dying from exhaustion! LOL) Yeah, it's time for me to quit being a slacker, man-up and get something done! LOL You are awesome!
    Mary Lou

  3. All those leaves! You do such a good job of applique on them.

  4. Its just gorgeous! I love the colors. Applique is definitely your thing.

  5. I am just flabbergasted. You take fabric and make it look like a painting. What a gift you have and how lucky we are that you share it with us on this blog!

  6. That looks fantastic! You are doing a great job! Wish I had you degree of dissipline.

  7. This is just amazing and I love it. The leaves nearly look 3D with your awesome fussy cutting. How many leaf fabrics has it taken to get this effect? Just one or two brilliant ones, or a multitude with just the right spot used?

  8. It'seems to be the season for Homage to Mary Brown. I am working on it too and you are the third one I've seen this week.

  9. Great lesson on how you are building the block.
    Your leaves are gorgeous. Can't wait to see
    the next step.

  10. Oh Michele, the block is beautiful!!


  11. Wow! The block is really amazing!!!

  12. It looks beautiful, Michele. Your leaves are really pretty! I can't believe how you are doing this and Roseville both!

  13. unbelievable...
    Michele, I wish I was coming too...
    maybe I should start considering it for next year...
    Oh, can you imagine!


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