Monday, October 11, 2010

Mary Brown begins...................

I thought you might be wondering how Mary Brown, and I, are getting along. It's a big quilt at 100" X 100", and it is all applique, so it will take me a good while to complete the top even if I don't work on other projects.  I have a feeling I will  aggravate some of the repro purists among you, because I am not confining myself to repro fabrics. I will use anything I have that gives me the look I'm going for, including Kaffe Fassett, Jenny Beyer's color palette, and batiks. While I admire historical accuracy as presented by quilters like Cindy Vermillion Hamilton, among many, my theory is that if Mary Brown were alive today, she would be using all the wonderful fabrics we have now to create her masterpiece..........why should I limit myself to what was available in the 1800's? This may bite me in the behind at some future date, but it's how I'm rolling on this project, this time.

The center medallion is worked on a 42" square of fabric, and is the largest center I've worked on. It's a bit unwealdy to manage, but I figure the floral border won't be so difficult to handle after completing the center tree/bird/flowers. I found the bird wings rather "challenging", but they are done, and I'm ready to begin the foliage.

I have some new followers, and I want to say welcome to you. Thanks for your interest! I hope you will give me your feedback, because I am interested in all your comments. I also want to remind you about the International Quilt Festival the first week in November, in Houston. I'll be there, and I'd love to meet you in person if you're going to attend.  Till next time, happy stitching.  Michele


  1. I think that's a great philosophy! You are so right about Mary using all the fabrics we have available today! Looking forward to following your progress on this quilt!

  2. The bird has such a vibrant look.

  3. I'm loving that bird!! And you go, girl...use what makes you happy. Our ancestors used what they had...we would be foolish to not do the same.

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  4. I'm one of those purists, but I think your start looks great with those fabrics. Looking forward to seeing more.

  5. You know Michele, I think she would be smiling at your bird. I love it! Elaine

  6. ok I admit it I am one of those purists but also feel its your quilt
    do what makes you happy!
    I love your start it looks great all together!
    keep going! love that your going to use what you have I am challenging myself to do that as well on a few projects
    good for us to do that once in a while

  7. Wow the bird is gorgeous and ol' Mary would be tickled pink to see it :0) Personally I think quilts in all repo colors are nice but a bit of bright really makes them sing.


  8. This is going to look amazing! That bird is gorgeous! Can't wait to see more.

  9. Your bird is beautiful and I am looking forward to watching this quilt grow.

  10. Michele,
    Your block is gorgeous!! Your philosophy clearly will work wonderfully for you. I'm probably more in the "purist" category -- it's the OCD (which, incidentally, should be CDO because that's alphabetical! Helloooo!?!) LOL -- so don't hold it against me! Ironically, I'll mix Thimbleberries with other fabrics, but I don't like to mix other fabrics with Thimbleberries. Figure THAT one out! LOL
    Keep up the lovely work!
    Mary Lou

  11. What a beautiful block. Its so detailed. I see in your previous post you said you were going to change things...did you design that one yourself? I really love it!

  12. The bird looks extroardinary!


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