Saturday, December 18, 2010

Corner #2.......................

Here is corner number two, one of the cornucopias. The cornucopia itself gave me fits, and I'm still unsure whether I can live with it, or will end up having to change it later.  If anyone cares to offer an opinion, I would be interested to hear it.

So this is where I am today. Although the original has nothing between the center, and the corners, I find myself wondering if a small, pieced sawtooth, or square on point, would look good as a first border. Again, I would be interested in your thoughts. You all wouldn't believe how much Philip Jacobs fabric I have gone through. I have an enormous pile, but when I pick up a yard, and open it, all the good bits are gone. It's sad really. If you are curious, let me tell you that in a one yard cut of his fabric, you MAY have two, or maximum of four, of any one blossom. So I have laid waste to yards, and yards, of expensive fabric, and I can't imagine what the rest of it could be used for. Not a project for the thrifty quilter.

The weather is pretty, if unseasonably warm, here. I know many of you are coping with ice and snow. I think it's easier to get in the swing of the holidays when Mother Nature gives us appropriate temperatures, but that's Texas for you.

I hope all your Christmas preparations are proceeding smoothly. Have a wonderful Christmas week.

Merry Christmas to you all!  Michele
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  1. Your work is looking lovely. When I made my Sarah Morrell for the broderie perse I bought enough of one or two fabrics and used them. I havent wanted to use 'picture' fabric for my applique again. As you say, a lot of expense, to use so little of it. I have extended the applique to fill more of the corners. They are a bit lacking. I have put mine aside for a bit to get some others things finished. It was always going to be a long term project for me.
    Merry Christmas to you too.

  2. Michele, it's looking soo gorgeous!! I'm with you on the expensive fabrics! LOL I'm getting ready to start the Roseville Album, experimenting with all those Kaffe and Phillip and Martha Nagle prints -- and it's really intimidating!! I keep thinking, though, that they'll cut up into strips and I can make patchwork out of them! :-D We'll see!!
    I got my pattern .... Mary Brown is right after Roseville and the Civil War Bride! :-D
    Mary Lou

  3. I think your cornucopia looks lovely, what's not to like? I also think a sawtooth or dogtooth border would be very nice as a first border. Looking good! Visiting from west Texas.

  4. That's the trouble with fussy cutting sometimes but look at the results! It's a very beautiful quilt with your touches. I like the idea of the sawtooth but will it muck up other measurements? I guess you'll decide what would please you and I think the cornucopia looks fine.

  5. I think your work is amazing! I love the cornucopia and I have another vote for the sawtooth border.
    You may be able to use your "holey" fabrics for Kim McLean's Stars and Sprigs quilt. Take a look at Janet's (above commenter) blog. She has just finished hers and it is breathtaking!
    Merry Christmas to you too Michele!!

  6. I like the cornucopia a lot. What is your question about it?
    I think the saw tooth sounds good. I've seen that on this type of quilt and it looks great.
    Your stitching is lovely

  7. I think the cornucopia looks wonderful!! What is bothering you about it? I'm not so sure about a sawtooth border, I see that empty space as a place for wonderful quilting and it may be a bit distracting from your fabulous fussy cut flowers.

    As for the swiss cheese fabric, it would work great for a scrappy quilt :0)


  8. I've been putting the same question: What is wrong with the cornucopia? Well, I guess, as the roses are so stunningly natural, the cornucopia may stay behind a bit. But you can also figure it to be made of turtoise shell or some semi-translucient stone like agate; it works! I don't think you have to change anything, on the contrary, the spectator will change his/her view.

  9. Just beautiful! I love the way this is coming together...perfect.

  10. I like the cornucopia. What don't you like?
    Your choice of flowers are beautiful too.

  11. I like the idea of a border of some kind for separation. Fancy quilting, though, would fill in the space and be beautiful too.

  12. Michele, your work is truly a master piece! I think the cornucopia is perfect. But, if it is going to bug you until you go insane, than change it. A saw tooth border will look lovely, although I like the example that did not have the border. But that is my opinion.

  13. Michele, your work is absolutely beautiful! I am not sure why you are dubious about the cornucopia - I think it is lovely.
    You could colour in some dogtooth on a strip of paper, and lay it in between. that might give you an idea of whether you like it or not.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. You can see all of the 9 blocks together about 4 or 5 posts ago. But I will put them on again soon.

  14. Your work is stunning. I used to live in Texas, so I know how mild it can get.


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