Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mary Brown Thanksgiving Update...........

Slowly, slowly, I am filling in the blanks. Boy, are there a lot of leaves/flowers on this one block! Somehow, or other, in spite of the fact that I've been moving back and forth from side to side, The bottom corner stays empty. I have a plan for almost every empty space, but that bottom is still a mystery. Meanwhile, Dorothy has moved on to her first setting triangle. Bravo! I'm already worrying about mine. It's lovely to be able to see others interpreting the same wonderful old quilt. It gives me a sense of quilting community.

I am now going to wish you all a marvelous Thanksgiving, with all the yummy foods that your family look forward to all year. For those of you in countries that don't have this holiday I have a proposition..........I'll eat enough Thanksgiving goodies for you, if you will eat enough goodies for me when next you have a feast, and celebration. Will that work do you think? Now, if we could find a third party to gain the weight! Sigh.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A little shopping show and tell............................


If I were to tell you how much this small load of choice goodies set me back, you would likely be shocked. I was myself! However, there is nowhere else I would ever find this particular bunch of textile treats other than a perfectly huge quilt show. The gorgeous box above contains all the Den Haan chintz, plus some checks, and plaids, to make the quilt shown below.

Although I think the quilt is gorgeous ( I seem to be all about orange/yellow/red right now), I purchased the kit because it was the only way to obtain all these wonderful oranges and yellows. They were either sold out of the fat quarters, or didn't bring those colors, I'm not sure which. I just wanted them for applique, along with the pieces shown below the boxed kit below.

I just couldn't help myself. I also helped myself to the pieces below:

The two pieces on the far right aren't from the Netherlands, though, they are yardage I picked up with the idea of Broderie Perse in mind.  I can't say enough lovely things about Petra Prins, the Queen of Den Haan, and her staff. They were warm, and funny, and I was actually happy to throw my money at them.  In addition to the fabric, I invested in a two year subscription to QuiltMania magazine, because I am so fed up with our American publications. I won't even be renewing my Quilter's Newsletter when it expires, and I would never have believed it possible to become so disenchanted with a publication. Don't get me started, or I'll do a rant that will most likely send you far away from this blog, and I don't want to do that. I decided to put my money where my mouth is, instead of just whining every time the mail delivers another unsatisfactory issue to my door. Thus, I'm paying a small fortune for overseas postage, as the only magazines I seem to enjoy come from France, Australia, and Japan.

Sadly, my photos of the quilts are sub par, but I will publish the ones that are halfway decent in my next post. I was fortunate enough to be taken to lunch by Bonnie Tooze, from Canada, and her traveling companion,  the Grove. Thank you again, Bonnie, it was wonderful to meet you both, and I enjoyed the company and the meal whole heartedly.  I also got to spend an hour getting to know Jossie, from the Netherlands. The opportunity of meeting these two ladies made the entire trip to Houston worthwhile for me. Kaffe Fassett did a short tour of the quilts in his exhibit, and isn't he a handsome fellow?!!! So strange when he speaks to hear an American accent................I knew he was from the US, but somehow expected a British accent.

The Baltimore Album exhibit was fantastic, but requested no photographs. Darn. I saw what might be my favorite quilt of all time, and have no picture to enjoy remembering it by. Kaffe said he doesn't know why they request no pictures, and I don't either. He encourages you to photograph his quilts.

I am having trouble picking up where I left off stitching, but hope that I will soon be back in the groove. Enjoy your weekend, Michele
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Continued Mary Brown Process

Just a brief update on Mary. I have been at Quilt Festival in Houston, and must recuperate. Pictures of the show quilts will follow, if the Good Lord and my new IPhone permit. Please realize these are "process" pictures, and only grapes, and the large red Poinsettia type flower are actually stitched on at the time of the photos. Oh, and all the leaves, as you already know. I'm struggling to balance my colors, and shapes . I'll be back with pics of my outragiously luxurious purchases (Ouch!) and quilt photos soon.  Happy stitching till then, Michele

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