Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The day I got the crap knocked out of me................................

Today, on my merry way to the mailbox, I was literally knocked flat on my face in the dirt by three, very large, and boisterous dogs. My nearest, and dearest, (read ONLY)  human companion being away for a few days, I lay there wondering if I'd be able to get up. Naturally the dumb dogs were capering around my prone body believing that this was a game designed for their amusement. They hit me knee level, from behind, and when someone says they fell ass over teakettle, I now know precisely what is meant. The right side of my face is scraped and swollen both above the brow, and below the eye. I am a beautiful sight. Plus my right knee (that would be my GOOD one) is sore. I am not a happy camper. That is the scary thing about living far away from people, and often being alone. If we leave this family property, which I have come to love, that will be the reason why. I wonder if I'll have a black eye? Stay tuned.

The two winsome faces, pictured below, belong to Mabel Jane, on the left, and Woodrow, on the right. This is where they spend a lot of their time when indoors during the day. Out of sight to the right of the photo, is a bank of windows looking out into the fenced yard, and beyond to the land of the "woman assaulting large dogs". They can even see distant cars far down the drive, scene of my humiliation. Aren't they sweet? I do love my puppies. Poppy wasn't available for a photo op, being otherwise occupied with digging up a fine mole to present to her parents


I have finally completed the applique for the four setting triangles. Whew. Thank goodness. I know you are all rather tired of seeing the same thing so starting next post, I will show pictures of another applique quilt that is over halfway completed. It is my neutral quilt, and attempt to emulate the wonderful Japanese taupe quilts, but with a little twist. I want to get back to it but I'm stymied by what to do around the center medallion. Perhaps one of you will have a suggestion. Perhaps not, but I'll show you what I've got and go from there.

I don't know if you've seen the ads for the HBO series coming in April called Game of Thrones. I ordinarily do not dip into the fantasy genre for my pleasure reading, but I was caught by the medieval look of the promos. I am currently in the middle of the third book, and I will tell you it is keeping me from my sewing. It is a marvelous, complex tale reminding me a lot of Ivanhoe, and Robin Hood, a true, old fashioned adventure tale. It is only that the country/world is imaginary.

I hope your January is passing happily, and accident free, unlike some peoples. God Bless. Michele

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  1. How scary for you to be injured and laying prone. Do you know the dogs? Do they belong to anyone? Your precious pups look so sweet. I've only evey had BIG dogs and the thought of one that I could pick up and move tickles me. Maybe next time?
    Now I'll be the worry wart. You didn't hit your head too hard did you? Do you need to get checked out? I hope you won't be all sore and bruised tomorrow. Make sure you have someone call to check on you until your hubby gets back!!

  2. Oh Michelle, take care of yourself! You will likely have quite a few aches and pains over the next few days not to mention the scrapes and possible black eye. I hope you're feeling better soon!

  3. Oh, sweetheart! *Brings a cup of hot tea* You poor dear. I hate being alone and scared. Take it easy tomorrow, and take an IBuprofen tonight, it will help with the swelling. I hope you feel okay tomorrow. Take care of yourself!

  4. Oh Michele, you poor thing and how scary...I hope you've stopped shaking and have been able to now settle down and get a bit of TLC (is DH back from whence he went)Look after yourself, it doesn't hurt to dramatically place the back of your hand on your forehead and say feebly (for effect) "I have to take myself to bed" preferably in ear-shot of a significant other who'll bring you a cup of tea (or a gin)
    Hope you're better soon,
    Love Margaret

  5. You poor thing! I fell walking coco the other week and it hurt!
    Your corners look so great

  6. Oh Michele. Who was the third dog? I know
    Marley and Scout.
    Take care of yourself.

  7. Mabel & Woodrow are just adorable and I am pleased to read you are recovering from your ordeal, even if you have a shiner to rival a prize fighter!


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