Monday, January 17, 2011

Murky Monday..........

I hope the sun is shining where you are. Here we have had days, and days, of wet, gray weather, and I am sick of it. It isn't even that cold today, though it was this weekend. It's just so dark, dreary, and yucky. Also, it's a no mail holiday, and I am one who likes her mail delivery.  I am happy to report that I finally got the first dog tooth border on, as well as the four setting triangles. It was not an easy task, either. I realized about half way through, that I have never successfully completed an "on point" medallion. They are tricksy little boogers, what with all those bias edges.

Some of you thought the dog tooth a swell idea, and some did not, but I like it. To me it defines the center, and adds a bit of crisp, geometric interest amidst all that applique. A bit of tart to break up all that sweet, if you will. I have appliqued dogtooth borders before, but this one is 1.5 inch pieced, using my trusty Tri-Recs ruler. If you don't have one of these, I can tell you that it's a truly great tool, and well worth the money. Now, I need to decide whether, or not, to put a second one around this whole 59" square before moving to the next border treatment. Due to "trimming" the center down to 59" (it was supposed to be 60") making a pieced border may be problematic. I'll have to have a think about what to do. One comment made by those who voted against the pieced border was a lessening of quilting space, but I think there is still plenty of room for stitching.

How many of you are going to vote with your credit cards for Sue Garman's new BOM, Friends of Baltimore? Check it out at Quakertown Quilts. I ordered a bolt of Kona in Snow specifically for the project. I'll probably regret it, because I never do the darn things, but it is just so gorgeous, and I am so weak.

Happy stitching where ever you are everybody. Michele

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  1. I think that border is exactly right. And you think I work magic with my knitting. I think you cast spells over your fabric, lady! I took a peek at the Friend's of Baltimore Quilt and if I were a quilter I would have signed up too. I see why you have fallen under its spell.

  2. Are you buying in the kits for this next venture or do you plan to buy just the patterns and do it in your own fabulous colour style?
    I think the dogtooth border looks wonderful, and, dare I say it? I think you need to persevere and find a way of adding the next round of them.

  3. Hi Michele, I really like the dog-tooth border, it adds definition between the elements. Wow your work is amazing. Had a look at the Baltimore BOM, it's gorgeous and I'm a wee bit tempted, although I purchased a Baltimore pattern from the Lovely Lane Museum and nearly fainted when it arrived!

  4. The dogtooth is wonderful. Your centre is looking great. I have expanded the applique to cover more fabric on mine. I look at the outer border to this centre and wonder if I'll do the hand piecing! Haven't decided yet.

  5. Beautiful work, Michele!!!

    Thank you for the link. That quilt certainly looks tempting. If I wasn't about to start the Roseville Album quilt I would be ordering that one! :)

  6. Hi Michele,
    Glad you're feeling up to sewing again. Your Mary Brown quilt is looking fabulous...I really like the dog tooth border and I think a dog tooth border around the whole thing would look really good. You could put just the narrowist of a frame (in the white background) around it first to bring it all up to a less mathematically challenging measurement, you'd probably hardly notice once it's quilted.
    Catch you soon,
    cheers Margaret

  7. oh my it is amazing, just beautiful.
    I love the dog tooth border around it nice touch.
    I am so impressed in how much you have done.
    I was very tempted to sign up for the bom too, I love that BA that she made...
    very tempted!

  8. Love the dogtooth Michele! It's the perfect touch. I know what you mean about no mail. I HATE it. I guess I'm addicted to getting packages of fabric daily! I better order that Snow and get ready for Sue's extravaganza.

  9. Found you through Kate's blog ( and I'm smitten. The dogtooth was an excellent choice, and I'm dying to see what you'll do with the neutral quilt.

  10. It's a gorgeous quilt, but I am starting the Rose of Sharon quilt.

  11. The dog-tooth rocks, and for the exact reason you said. It sharpens it up. I like a little geometry to set off the botany. It's beautiful. Hmm. I wonder if I should start a quilt.

  12. I agree, the dogtooth border really gives the center of your medallion definition...I have just loved watching this quilt take shape!

  13. You really did a great job with this quilt. It's really beautiful. The dogtooth is just perfect for your quilt. Great idea indeed! Keep up the good work! :)

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