Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.......................

Okay, some pictures, and a question. Here is the 32" center of my "neutral" quilt. Technically I suppose it isn't neutral at all. It is actually variations of murky greens/black/taupes with an orange accent in each block.

I pieced the background with 2" squares, and used batiks for the Princess Feathers.

Here is the first of eight completed 14" blocks. There will be a total of 16, so I am over half way done. My problem has been that of uncertainty as to what to use to segue from the center to the outer blocks. A frame, or multiple frame borders? A pieced border...............what? I realize for you to provide any feedback you really need to see it all together on the design wall. I will do that once I have completed the rest of the blocks.

Now, here is my question:  If any of you wonderful bloggers understand WHY Blogger/Picasa limits me to four photos per post, could you enlighten me? I would be extremely grateful. Extremely. I know there's a way, because so many of you do post more than four. I've tried using the "Help" button, but I never seem to ask the question in a form that will get me an answer I understand.

Till I figure this out, I will continue to do two posts, instead of one. So, to see more of the neutral blocks, go to the next post.  Michele

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  1. I use Windows Live Writer to write my posts. It never restricts me - or hasn't so far. I think I need to see the blocks together on the design wall to get a sense of what it needs.

  2. Michele, hmmm, I haven't had a problem with Blogger limiting me, but *maybe* it's because I load most of my photos up to Flickr and then use the URL of that image for it to appear in my blog posts ... just a thought, I hope it helps. J

  3. Michele, those blocks are beautiful. How about a frame, with small contrasting colours, but not to bright. And repeat the colours on the final border or binding?
    You might try to make a back-up of your script and reset your blog. I have a few problems myself sometimes, and I found that this solves most of them. Mail me if you need any help on this.

  4. Love our title - get the comfy chair and pillow!

  5. I love how your blocks are looking, fabulous. I don't load my photos from Picassa, I click the link button and then the browse in the window to bring my files up which are in Picassa and select from there.

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