Friday, February 4, 2011

How many of you hate going to the dentist?

Well, I hate it a lot. A long time ago a dentist drilled my tongue, and I've never really gotten over it. However, after suffering for several days, I went to the dentist yesterday, only to discover that I must have, not one, but two root canals. Imagine my horror and dismay. Or don't....................I wouldn't if I were you. I must wait till the 16th, and I pray the antibiotics will help with the pain till then.

Meantime, I have added the outer border of dogteeth, and moved along to the final applique border on Mary Brown. It's not actually Mary at this point. I don't know what it is, but I am enjoying making fruits and vegetables. Time will tell whether it will work with the center theme. The photo below will be the upper left corner.

This pineapple is my own design, and I don't know if it looks more like a man with a strange hairdo, and handlebar mustache, or just a flying pineapple. What do you think?


Perhaps I'll add a little leaf to rid myself of the mustache effect. Hmmmmm.

We've had snow, and it's quite cold here, but nothing like you guys up north, and on the east coast. It's definitely "soup" weather.

Keep warm and cozy, Spring has to come along sometime. Michele
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  1. You know, I saw a pineapple until you described the hair and the mustache and now all I can see is a man's head! I like the "hair" but I'm not sure about the "mustache", maybe if you made it one piece? I love your fabric choices for the vegetables, they almost look real.

    As far as going to the dentist - I've had a few root canals and although they are awful they do make the pain go away. I find that ibuprofen (Advil) helps a lot with the pain. Good luck!

  2. I've now gone back for the 4th adjustmenton a 3 month old crown...the bite isn't right, and it makes my whole jaw sore. So I TOTALLY sympathize with you. I agree with the ibuprofen call...

    I didn't see the mustache until you pointed it out...grin. Veg is looking fabulous!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  3. I'm loving your fruits and veggies :0) I think the pineapple looks just fine, it too the second reference to mustache before I even noticed what you were talking about.


  4. oh good luck I hate the dentist too!

    your blocks are just beautiful, the Mary Brown quilt is really just amazing!

  5. You know it does sorta look like a Roman
    warrior with a helmet on. Take off or add
    to it and it will be great. Your fabric
    choices are beautiful.
    Good luck at the dentist. You know I hate them

  6. I LOVE going to the dentist. I am/was/usedtobe/sometimesstillam a dental hygienist!! Getting my teeth cleaned is like a good massage. Don't hate all of us. I am sorry you had a bad experience and that you need those root canals.

  7. I sympathise with you Michele because I hate the dentist too! I still have horrible memories of getting a tooth pulled and fillings done when I was a child without any local anaeshetic and last time I went to the dentist, they kept asking me if I felt ok (I think I must have gone as pale as a ghost). I made them give me extra anaeshetic too!

    Your applique is beautiful and I love your pineapple.

  8. I love seeing what you do with the Mary quilt, it's fabulous. I wish you the best for the dentist. I can't say too much since that was my profession in my past life.

  9. Sorry you're under the weather, in more ways than one. :( Love the pineapple, and the way you did the layering.

  10. I didnt see the man until i read your comment, is a pineapple to me!

  11. The pineapple is great!
    I feel for you, having to go to the dentist, but it is worth it to stop the suffering!!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. Yes, the roses are silk. In my experience, silk stands up to laundering very well.
    I look forward to seeing your border finished!

  12. However, after suffering for several days, I went to the dentist yesterday, only to discover that I must have, not one, but two root canals. Imagine my horror and dismay. Interesting blog.


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