Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello, Spring is in the air here. I know a lot of you have a while to go before the snow melts, so I hope your Valentine gave you something to help you hang on. I have been plugging away on my first border, and I have the top halfway done. I hope it will ge a little easier from here on in. I have been very concerned that I wouldn't be able to make a border that would "belong" with the center, and it has been a bit of a wrangle. I am finally happy with this much, at least. Each border will have variations, but all will consist of fruits, veggies, and flowers, with a few birds thrown in. I love the original so much, but after commiting to the vivid broderie perse flowers in the center, I couldn't wrap my head around managing it through the rest of the original Mary Brown blocks. To me, those seem to demand a more dignified palette. Thus a change was made.

Do you all read Margaret's blog? She is drafting the Maltaville quilt, an absolutely gorgeous quilt from 1847, and will be offering the patterns as a 4-block per month quilt along. Lisa, and I, have been rooting from the stands, eagerly awaiting the start of the fun. On the 22nd, Margaret will officially start the blog that she is setting up for us to share tips, and photos of our progress. There are so many blocks (around 60) and such a wide variety of designs for applique, that this promises to be something extraordinary. I hope many of you will join us. The original is in the Smithsonian, and partial proceeds will go to the museum. Do take a look, won't you?

I'm off now to listen to an audio book, and see what I can accomplish on this border. Tomorrow is D day, as in root canals.  Wish me luck.  Michele
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Friday, February 4, 2011

How many of you hate going to the dentist?

Well, I hate it a lot. A long time ago a dentist drilled my tongue, and I've never really gotten over it. However, after suffering for several days, I went to the dentist yesterday, only to discover that I must have, not one, but two root canals. Imagine my horror and dismay. Or don't....................I wouldn't if I were you. I must wait till the 16th, and I pray the antibiotics will help with the pain till then.

Meantime, I have added the outer border of dogteeth, and moved along to the final applique border on Mary Brown. It's not actually Mary at this point. I don't know what it is, but I am enjoying making fruits and vegetables. Time will tell whether it will work with the center theme. The photo below will be the upper left corner.

This pineapple is my own design, and I don't know if it looks more like a man with a strange hairdo, and handlebar mustache, or just a flying pineapple. What do you think?


Perhaps I'll add a little leaf to rid myself of the mustache effect. Hmmmmm.

We've had snow, and it's quite cold here, but nothing like you guys up north, and on the east coast. It's definitely "soup" weather.

Keep warm and cozy, Spring has to come along sometime. Michele
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