Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hello friends.......................

I sure have missed you all. I have looked in on all of you, wanting to keep up, but I have so missed hearing from you and hearing your comments on my various endeavors. I have noticed lately, that a number of you have taken breaks from blogging for lengths of time, and this encourages me to believe that I can re-enter blogland after (gasp!) almost 7 months.

Y'all know ole Medusa? The chick with all the natty dreads sticking up outta her head..............well, I feel like her. My many "snakes" are each a project, either partially underway, or ones I am longing to begin, and they are all hissing, and snapping, at one another competing for my attention. Reckon I feel positively schizophrenic at times! This lack of focus has made the last year difficult because nothing has been completed. This has been the longest I have gone without a "finish", and it doesn't feel good.
I have sewn. I made my husband a lap quilt (partially hand quilted, and in the hoop), a baby quilt for an upcoming grandbaby (ready for the LAQ) and numerous other blocks that have, as yet, led nowhere

I am pleased with this block, made from a Jeanna Kimball pattern, which only lacks a birdnest to be
completed.........................that and a plan for what comes next. Any suggestions as to what should come next, to work towards a harmonious quilt? I'm stuck for the moment.

Some of you may wish to tell me that there are no blue hummingbirds. I googled, and I do assure you that they exist.

As for news, other than sewing related, we have been adopted by the daintiest little calico cat. She hides from our dogs all day long, and shows up after dark looking for her dinner. We have no idea where she comes from, and she hasn't let us get close enough to pet her. I don't know why I refer to her as "she" except she has such flirty ways. We wish she'd let us closer..........maybe in time.

I'm going to say Ta-Ra for now. I know I won't be writing every day, but I do believe I'm back for certain. Thank you all for hanging around.  Michele


  1. I think all calicoes are female, so you're calling her right! I have one Jeanna K block done, and need to pull that long resting project out of the trunk.

  2. Your block is beautiful and quite inspiring.

  3. So glad to see you back! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your applique skill. Your block is beautiful!

  4. HI Michele! Welcome back. It has been a while and we have missed you and your lovely projects a lot.
    The new block of yours is stunning. If you are looking to finish this, how about a small inner border of red, and a blue final border. If you are looking for the next block...since this block has a circle, maybe all blocks should be in circles. Just a suggestion anycase.
    Take care!

  5. Nice seeing a post from you. The applique block looks like it was a lot of work and very well done. I thought humming birds were sometimes blue.

  6. Hey... lovely to see you're back with us, missed you :-)
    Your block looks gorgeous, hope to see it in the real in April.
    A flirty calico cat sounds like the purrfect house mate
    cheers M xx

  7. So, so happy to see you back. Your work is so inspiring I hope that you will be able to continue to post and share your beautiful quilts. This block is lovely.

  8. Holy Moly, that block is gorgeous! I just pulled a long lost block back out myself. Although I've been learning needleturn applique this last year. I'm afraid I'm might not be prepared to work yet on the one I just pulled back out. I'll keep at it though until it kicks my butt! Someday I'll be able to do something like yours here.

  9. It does not matter whether your blue hummingbird exists or not, it's beautiful! You have to go on otherwise your talent is wasted and that would be a shame!
    Auckje van der Leij
    Rotterdam, The Netherlands

  10. All the blocks are looking gorgeous and so visible and as well as clear too

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