Sunday, February 12, 2012

A new project!

Awhile back I fell in love with Sue Garman's new quilt "Sarah's Revival".  I really didn't need another project, but......................what can you do? This one (go to Oct. 1st entry, third photo down) is all cutwork applique, something I've long been interested in but haven't done. I figure by the time I complete 36 blocks (!) I should feel pretty comfortable with the technique.

Somewhat distressingly, Sue says she made one block a day appliqueing this quilt. Now, I know she is an incredibly prolific stitcher/designer, but I just can't imagine how she managed this. Here are the my two finished block, each of which took me at least five days. I may be getting faster, but I don't believe I'll ever have the stamina to finish one in a day.

Yes, I'm using cheddar for my background. This will be my second cheddar quilt. I just love how dramatic red/green/cheddar is, and how classic. The third block is almost a quarter done, and the process is getting more familiar. Each red will be a different fabric, and some will have other accent colors.

Have any of you seen Blue Hill Fabrics Manchester Glory in the shops? I haven't been able to locate it yet, even though it isn't marked as a new line. If you know where it may be purchased, please let me know.

The little calico cat is still shy. We wish she would come inside, as it's quite cold outside at night.

I hope all of you are finding plenty of time to stitch.  Till next time, Michele


  1. That's a gorgeous quilt Michele, I look forward to seeing yours in progress :-)

  2. Michele - A friend of mine sent me the link to this post because you're making a cheddar quilt; I am SO jealous!!! I love, love, LOVE cheddar and your quilt will be stunning when you finish it! I have to add a caveat when I say I appliqued a block a day when making SR; that was ONLY the applique, not the prep work/basting that went on before I put in the first stitch. Maybe that will make you feel a little better!
    Happy stitching....
    Sue Garman

  3. Stunning color combo. It will be gorgeous and BOLD!! I look forward to watching your progress...

  4. One of my friends just ordered a BOM for Sue Garman's quilt. I will be watching both of you as you make your quilts.

  5. Your work is always inspiring and exquisite!

  6. Aloha! I just found your blog. I'm working on Sarah's Revival as well. I know, one a day??!!! I'm thrilled to get one a week done. It is nice "meeting" you!

  7. I just started my Sarah's revival quilt. I am on block 2. One a day is a lot!! I am able to get one done in about two to three days if that is all I do...

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