Friday, July 13, 2012

How the mighty are fallen..............

As I was saying (ad infinitum) Adding the third element was a risky move for a person not known for her grace and agility. I guess I was so high on the concept of ME using the treadmill willingly for the third time in four days that I got fiddling with the IPod and disaster struck. Thank God for that automatic shut off plug! If not for THAT, my mutilated body would have been discovered under the guest bed at some future point in time. Ouch. Ouch again. I hope I won't have a black eye, but I am not taking any bets. Not to brag on myself, BUT................after managing, with the aid of my longsuffering spouse, to detach myself from the clutching rubber base and check for bones sticking through the skin, I GOT BACK ON THAT TREADMILL AND WALKED FOR 25 MINUTES!

After all that angst, I came in the sewing room and completed block number #30 of Sara's Revival. Only six more to go before borders. I promise pictures very soon. I miss hearing from those of you who have communicated with me in the past, and I look forward to resuming my quilting posts. Thanks for hanging in here with me, and providing a forum to vent my weight loss lows, and highs. It helps, it really does.  Michele


  1. Bless your heart! You just proved once again that we gals are made of some tuff stuff! Kudos for getting back on today... We'll see how tomorrow goes...! Thanks for the share, you made me smile ~

  2. Yay Michele! (Imagine a cheerleader here waving her pom-poms) You have given me the inspiration I need to get off my behind today - not to mention a smile while I'm walking!

  3. isn't there a saying - something like 'it's not the falling but the getting back up?' - you give new meaning to it though... very impressed that you got back on and finished. way to go. I don't know how big of a goal you have but my brother successfully lost a substantial amt. awhile back and has kept it off for over a year. He did it using the "lose it" app and geeking out on a spreadsheet. It was cool seeing little goals (kept with discipline) turn into bigger and bigger goals as he got better at it all - used to his new routines, and more physically fit. Good luck to you! and keep it going - I need another good example to get me going.

  4. Ok. WOW. I would have kicked the thing and cried. Maybe even cursed. You are inspiring me!

  5. Oh I shoudn't laugh, but I got the giggles. Are you Ok? However, you are AWESOME for getting back on that thing. They're evil of course, you know that don't you.
    I will get back on my treadmill too and we will comnquer this once and for all.
    PS you won't believe I am coming back State-side this year! for Houston Market and Festival. Can we try again please :-))

  6. WOW! looking awesome thanks for sharing and just keep up the good work.


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