Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A bit of progress...................

I have been plugging away on my cutwork blocks, and I'm currently on number nine. Here are the completed blocks thus far:

Ahh, Blogger is such a mystery. One picture refuses to load. Why? I have no clue.  Guess I'll save it for next time. 

Also in the news here: I assassinated my iron. The iron started it. I tripped over the cord, causing the iron to break in several interesting pieces. The dials broke off, among other bits. Good riddance, say I. The darn thing was always spitting on my blocks. After shopping around a little, I bought a Reliable V100. The manual is somewhat daunting to a techphobic person, but the iron is very cool. It produces great poofs of steam on demand, and has yet to spit up. Pricey, but really nice.  It is the first iron in years that needs distilled water, but I feel it's worth it if the iron doesn't get all covered with minerals, and crud.

Eureka! The last block finally popped up.

I hope you are all starting to see Spring. We surely are.  Michele