Sunday, July 22, 2012

A quick note:

Hi,  This morning while on the treadmill, earbuds in place, belting out "Don't Do Me Like That" along with Tom Petty, all three terriers came in with anxious expressions. They have gotten used to Mom's new activity, but the sound of my very loud, unmusical voice, threw them for a loop. They looked around thoroughly to make certain I wasn't under attack, and went back to their naps. I had to laugh!

Speaking of music, if any of you have suggestions for a exercise playlist, I'd love to hear them. I'm sure I have lot's of older (much older) songs on my ID, but thinking of which ones would work is stressing me out. So, especially if you are certain of any updated tunes with the right tempo, let me know. Pleeeeeze! I can't increase my distance/time w/o the help of some background noise to pump me up
Thanks for all your encouragement. It helps to know that 50 lbs is not an uncommon goal. I know better than to shoot for what I weighed in my 30's. That's was when I worked out for an hour, or more, every single day of the week. I'm just looking to feel good, and, with some luck, be able to shop for clothes amongst the regularly sized fashions, as opposed to  Plus Size. How sick I am of that label. Are you?  Love to you all.  M

Saturday, July 21, 2012

End of week three..............

I wrote two lengthy posts yesterday, but both were eaten, or sent to the moon, or whatever Blogger does when it goes berzerk. Very disheartening. No doubt they were witty, and erudite, but we'll never know, will we?

Below is the best photo I am able to take at the moment, of Sarah's Revival. I am currently working on the bottom left block. If you feel like giving me any input as to whether you think any of the blocks need reworking because of fabric selection, I'd be interested to hear from you. I have doubts about the block five rows down, and second in.  It reads the lightest of the lot, and I keep wondering if I need to redo. Thoughts?


Next Friday I fly to the Portland, OR area to see my new grandbaby, Miss Lily Beatrice. I can't wait! I would love to finish the block I'm on before leaving, and just have the four center to go, but we'll see.

On the diet has been a challenging week. I lost less than a pound in week two. This was a blow, and nearly sent me into an eating binge simply to spite myself. I got through Monday w/o any dreadful lapses, thank goodness, and by Tuesday I had talked myself off the ledge. I know I feel better, and I'm sleeping better. I still have not had any alcohol or white carbs.....not one cracker, sliver of bread (or cheese), or potato. Folks, it is kinda tough to make food exciting w/o butter or any sauces. Also, you have to THINK about it so hard it makes me grumpy. BUT: on two separate days this week I turned over a mile on my treadmill. For this old gal that is huge, because I have never ever done that before. If I can just concentrate on doing the things that will improve my health, and can do them long enough, I believe I will eventually get where I'm trying to go. Staying motivated is the thing. I must tell you that seeing that counter turn over a mile was a real help to my self esteem. It felt great. By the way, Crystal Lite Cherry-Pomegranite flavor is the "bomb"!

Also, if you miss Downton Abbey, and belong to Netflix, I highly recommend you try the series called "Larkrise to Candleford". It is delightful in every way, and we were sad when we'd watched our  way through it.  Cheers, Michele

Friday, July 13, 2012

How the mighty are fallen..............

As I was saying (ad infinitum) Adding the third element was a risky move for a person not known for her grace and agility. I guess I was so high on the concept of ME using the treadmill willingly for the third time in four days that I got fiddling with the IPod and disaster struck. Thank God for that automatic shut off plug! If not for THAT, my mutilated body would have been discovered under the guest bed at some future point in time. Ouch. Ouch again. I hope I won't have a black eye, but I am not taking any bets. Not to brag on myself, BUT................after managing, with the aid of my longsuffering spouse, to detach myself from the clutching rubber base and check for bones sticking through the skin, I GOT BACK ON THAT TREADMILL AND WALKED FOR 25 MINUTES!

After all that angst, I came in the sewing room and completed block number #30 of Sara's Revival. Only six more to go before borders. I promise pictures very soon. I miss hearing from those of you who have communicated with me in the past, and I look forward to resuming my quilting posts. Thanks for hanging in here with me, and providing a forum to vent my weight loss lows, and highs. It helps, it really does.  Michele

Something a little bit different....................

Well hello. I'm not even going to bore you with excuses, I'm just going to tell you what's happening at present. On July 2nd I started a diet. I dropped a fairly substantial amount of cash to a weight loss center. This is week two, and my goal is to lose 50 lbs. Other than Weight Watchers, I have never paid for help before. WW is a wonderful program in general, but I live in a very small, rural area, and have attended the local WW is substandard in every way.  I need to be accountable to a wider audience than myself, and my husband. My theory is that in spending money that could otherwise go for fabric, and other quilt related goodies, might assist me in getting a jump start. 

This particular weight loss center suits me because, for one thing, you don't purchase food from them. There is absolutely no way that I will trade eating fresh ingredients for frozen meals. They do provide me with completely natural dietary supplements, as well as a simple eating plan. Essentially, we're talking about high protein, low carbs, low fat. Nothing new there, I know, but for the first four weeks, there are no "white" foods allowed. No pasta, potatoes, breads, or rice. No fruit, either. I am somewhat surprised (shocked!) to have made it thus far w/o cheating on this pretty strict regimen. Also, my bosom buddies, no alcoholic beverages are allowed. This likely would present no difficulty for most of you out there, but here on the farm we enjoy our cocktail hour. If this sends you straight off to delete me forever from your browser, so be it, but you were always in the wrong place anyway. At any rate, other than missing the "ritual" of cocktail hour, peanuts, appetizers, etc, I have not been overly tempted. I just prepare my glass of iced tea earlier that usual, and sip on that instead.

As this is week two, I decided I should get off my sedentary rear and use my expensive, and ignored, treadmill. This morning was my third know the old saying about walking and chewing gum? Unfortunately, I factored in a third IPod.  Continued.....

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A bit of progress...................

I have been plugging away on my cutwork blocks, and I'm currently on number nine. Here are the completed blocks thus far:

Ahh, Blogger is such a mystery. One picture refuses to load. Why? I have no clue.  Guess I'll save it for next time. 

Also in the news here: I assassinated my iron. The iron started it. I tripped over the cord, causing the iron to break in several interesting pieces. The dials broke off, among other bits. Good riddance, say I. The darn thing was always spitting on my blocks. After shopping around a little, I bought a Reliable V100. The manual is somewhat daunting to a techphobic person, but the iron is very cool. It produces great poofs of steam on demand, and has yet to spit up. Pricey, but really nice.  It is the first iron in years that needs distilled water, but I feel it's worth it if the iron doesn't get all covered with minerals, and crud.

Eureka! The last block finally popped up.

I hope you are all starting to see Spring. We surely are.  Michele

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A new project!

Awhile back I fell in love with Sue Garman's new quilt "Sarah's Revival".  I really didn't need another project, but......................what can you do? This one (go to Oct. 1st entry, third photo down) is all cutwork applique, something I've long been interested in but haven't done. I figure by the time I complete 36 blocks (!) I should feel pretty comfortable with the technique.

Somewhat distressingly, Sue says she made one block a day appliqueing this quilt. Now, I know she is an incredibly prolific stitcher/designer, but I just can't imagine how she managed this. Here are the my two finished block, each of which took me at least five days. I may be getting faster, but I don't believe I'll ever have the stamina to finish one in a day.

Yes, I'm using cheddar for my background. This will be my second cheddar quilt. I just love how dramatic red/green/cheddar is, and how classic. The third block is almost a quarter done, and the process is getting more familiar. Each red will be a different fabric, and some will have other accent colors.

Have any of you seen Blue Hill Fabrics Manchester Glory in the shops? I haven't been able to locate it yet, even though it isn't marked as a new line. If you know where it may be purchased, please let me know.

The little calico cat is still shy. We wish she would come inside, as it's quite cold outside at night.

I hope all of you are finding plenty of time to stitch.  Till next time, Michele

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hello friends.......................

I sure have missed you all. I have looked in on all of you, wanting to keep up, but I have so missed hearing from you and hearing your comments on my various endeavors. I have noticed lately, that a number of you have taken breaks from blogging for lengths of time, and this encourages me to believe that I can re-enter blogland after (gasp!) almost 7 months.

Y'all know ole Medusa? The chick with all the natty dreads sticking up outta her head..............well, I feel like her. My many "snakes" are each a project, either partially underway, or ones I am longing to begin, and they are all hissing, and snapping, at one another competing for my attention. Reckon I feel positively schizophrenic at times! This lack of focus has made the last year difficult because nothing has been completed. This has been the longest I have gone without a "finish", and it doesn't feel good.
I have sewn. I made my husband a lap quilt (partially hand quilted, and in the hoop), a baby quilt for an upcoming grandbaby (ready for the LAQ) and numerous other blocks that have, as yet, led nowhere

I am pleased with this block, made from a Jeanna Kimball pattern, which only lacks a birdnest to be
completed.........................that and a plan for what comes next. Any suggestions as to what should come next, to work towards a harmonious quilt? I'm stuck for the moment.

Some of you may wish to tell me that there are no blue hummingbirds. I googled, and I do assure you that they exist.

As for news, other than sewing related, we have been adopted by the daintiest little calico cat. She hides from our dogs all day long, and shows up after dark looking for her dinner. We have no idea where she comes from, and she hasn't let us get close enough to pet her. I don't know why I refer to her as "she" except she has such flirty ways. We wish she'd let us closer..........maybe in time.

I'm going to say Ta-Ra for now. I know I won't be writing every day, but I do believe I'm back for certain. Thank you all for hanging around.  Michele